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Yeah, so my car was totalled a couple of weeks ago. Ron and I are banged up, but not horribly so. I have some pretty awesome neck and back pain going on. We are both going to a rehab/chiropractic therapy clinic. Ron seems to feel much better, I feel like hammered crap after my visits. I'm trying to keep an open mind about this stuff. I do know that my body is not right, and having the adjustments should be a good thing in the long run. I'm just not feeling better day by day yet, and I'm a bit of an impatient person sometimes.

I may or may not be employed at Not-Disney, I was supposed to be available during the holidays, but the accident caused me to not want to stand for hours. I will go in sometime this weekend with the doctor's note and accident report and see if they still like me.

But my new second job pays me so much more and is a much easier gig, that I don't mind too much if I am terminated there at Not-Disney.

I am so looking forward to this year. 2008, I loved you man, afterall I did ditch a job that sucked, had a kickass vacation in Vegas, got to take two (long)trips back to Seattle. My new job rocks me like a hurricane. My new boss gave me the largest bonus I've ever received in my whole working life. I am very happy to go to work everyday, so I really am blessed there.

Oh, I got a new car, a 2009 Toyota/Scion xD. Same color as my old car, it's a hatchback with the folding down backseats so I have a little cargo hauling ability. Ron is more impressed with the iPod connection into the stereo, which, I have to admit is pretty dang cool.

Looking forward to 2009: Ron and I are trying to get a trip to Seattle together in the next couple of months. My sister,K, may be getting out here to Orlando to see us. Ron and I are continuing to be serious about our finances and now we are committing to healthier habits of exercise and eating better. We may be growing up yet. But considering that our Christmas presents to each other consisted of comic books, Dr Who dvds and action figures, I'm pretty sure we are still kids playing at grown-upness.

Thanksgiving is here

This is a day I love! I don't care how much work it is.

Last night I baked four pies: 2 Pumpkin, 1 Cherry and 1 Lemon Merangue.

I put on to boil: all of the chicken scraps I've saved for the past couple of months, along with a couple packages of chicken gizzards and three extra turkey necks. (I like to get a lot of extra stock going, I use it in the dressings and for gravy)

We got the turkey brining overnight, that sucker is going to be juicy.

Today so far:

Made homemade cranberry sauce. Assembled bread dressing, rice dressing, green bean casserole, cooked the sweet potatoes, Waldorf Salad. Got the potatoes peeled, cut and sitting in a pot of cold water.
Got the bird in the oven. In about an hour turkey comes out to rest, all the need-to-be hot dishes will go into the oven, potatoes to boil on stove top, along with getting corn and/or peas on.

Did I mention there are only three of us for dinner? Yeah, a lot of food, but we will eat like kings, Damn Hell Ass Kings!

Vegas done, now in Brier

All I can say after a week in Vegas is I'm glad we don't have to keep up with that pace all year. At least on Ron's part, I can't say that *I* overexerted myself. I spent time at the pool, at the spa, shopping, gambling(came away with a few hundred dollars)

Ron and I went to a Cirque du Soleil show, Love, set to the music of the Beatles. I loved it! What amazing performances! The rest of the evenings we spent hanging out with Ron's cow-orkers. It was good for Ron to be able to spend time getting to know his people. Being a remote employee, he hadn't met some of them face to face.

Everyone I met went out of their way to tell me how much they enjoyed working with Ron, and seemed genuine in expressing how well they thought of him. I was even told that I "must be a saint" in having put up with all of Ron's crazy hours in the last weeks leading up to Vegas. Yeah, me a saint! I probably am more patient than most people, but I can't claim to be perfect to live with at every moment.

Ron is doing much more travelling, having been, in the past 6 weeks: Seattle and Oakland(July), Vegas(August), and coming up: Seattle(September 1-3)and South Carolina(September 18-20)

I am so proud of him, he has worked very hard to get where he is, and he seems to be happy with his success.

Vegas/Seattle trip

I have one more day of work and then I will not be working for three weeks! Well, unless I am able to work at my old job in Seattle while I am in town.

Ron's company is having their annual convention thingee in Las Vegas. So we are flying down on Friday and spending a week there. He will be busy with work, but I'll be free to explore the city and surroundings. I've hooked up with another wife who will need someone to hang out with. My plan is to spend some time poolside, window shop, and rent a car and go see the dam. I think the Grand Canyon may be a bit far for a day trip. But it would be awesome to see.

I'm going to fly from Vegas to Seattle on the 22nd, staying until the 7th of September. You are on notice to spend time with me. Yes, I mean YOU! You know I'm talking to you, don't act like you don't know.

While in Vegas, we will attend a formal awards dinner. Ron will have a tux provided to him, but I had to go out and buy a nice cocktail dress This is the dress It should be a fun night, we will take lots of pictures, so you can see how classy we live!

So, still loving the new job although the days are a lot longer than I am used to. I don't get home until after 7 most nights. And with Ron's new job taking up more of his time at nights and having Ben every weekend, we don't have couple time lately. I'm just hoping we settle into something a little more normal after this convention. (I've been telling myself this for years now and there is always a new wrench thrown into almost every plan we make, so *crosses fingers* This time it will happen, out life will go as planned. [God laughs at me])

The little guy wins once in awhile.

I never posted about the response I got from the former boss from my first letter. It basically was an admission of the error on the amount, and a reiteration that he was not going to pay me for the other week of vacation. This time he said some bullshit about how I had said I was using that time in July and since I quit before July, I forfeit it. He is such a jackhole. Truly.

So I sent back this letter to him:
Collapse )

So today I received a registered letter from his attorneys. I expected it to say that I don't have a leg to stand on, so go ahead and sue him. But to my surprise, it is a settlement for the final 32 hours due to me. So I don't have to think about this man ever again. Jackhole.

Work stuff

No word from my former employer. I imagine he's received the letter from me, so I wait.

On the flip side: My new job rocks! It is hard, busy work, I really have to move my butt to get things done. My new boss is funny, down to earth, swears like a sailor, generous... I really really like her. She has been very demonstrative in her delight that I am such a great assistant. She tells every patient that she had wanted to get me to work for her for years, but didn't want to poach me, so the second she heard that I was unhappy where I was, she told me that I was working for her.

My first paycheck was roughly 5/3 what I had been getting a week, so Yay! Did I mention that it's basically a $15,000 a year raise, if you consider the part-time reality of my previous job. I can quit or at least really cut down my time at NotDisney. They may be fixing to fire me anyway. And that's okay too.

I'm loving life a bit more now.

Remember me predicting bitterness from my ex-boss?

Yeah, so he's being a butthead, he is trying to short me on my unused vacation pay. Florida does not protect workers as well as some states, and legally he has the right to not pay me. But for the fact that he has paid the last two people who left their vacation balances, he has set the precedence that it is his SOP.

Today I got home to find my last paycheck mailed to me, which was off by many hundreds of dollars. So this is the letter I am sending him. (Names withheld)

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Notice given.

I'm so glad that's over with. I was going to talk to him on the phone from home tonight, but he called the office on his day off and I told him I was leaving in two weeks. He took it very well, he seemed to understand and accept the financial reasons I needed to take the other job. Hopefully, he'll come in tomorrow morning and be over his initial shock. He did not take the last couple staff "desertions" well at all. I fully expect bitterness at some point, but as long as it's behind my back, I'm good.

Highs and Lows of today.

From earlier when I was so happy to move on and take another job to how I feeling currently? Like I've been thrown off the Aurora Bridge.

I was told a couple of hours ago that my cousin Travis had a heart attack, that his chances of survival were zero, and I just got word a minute ago that he did pass away. He was my hot cousin Travis, only 38, a funny, cool, good man. I'm just so sad about this.

Then also a couple of minutes ago, my step-grandmother's health is failing very rapidly. I feel badly for my step-mom's impending loss.